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Monday, September 24, 2012

Darksiders 2 - Angels

Hiya! I wanted to show you guys some more of the angel stuff I worked today! There was a need to revamp the citadel outpost angels for DS2 so that they looked a bit more fantasy and also differentiate them from the  Hell Guard angels from DS1 since they would be making another appearance. Plus we needed versions of those new angels that were corrupted in degrees. 
This was the first line up of angels that really was hitting the mark of what we wanted. This was another case where we needed these angels to conform to an already existing rig. Because of this most of our changes to these new angels was focused on their wings, heads, and bust area accouterments. 

In the same breath we wanted to introduce a new NPC character to act as a quest giver of sorts in the area. Not actually sure what his name ended up being, haha! I can't wait to find him when I reach the angel zone in the game!
I really liked the idea of the old beat up general angel. Maybe had a bunch of metals and a prosthetic hand sword?! Turned out not to be the right direction for this character specifically, but maybe the idea will come back again for something else.

Here was the final for the new angels for the citadel and versions of their corruption.

Here was the final for the quest giver NPC angel.

And here's his final in game model by the amazing mobiles team at Vigil!

I've been showing alot of the side characters from the game. Tomorrow I'll try posting some of the more main characters I got to work on with the team. See ya then!

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