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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Maybe it's the new announcements about the TMNT flick coming up, but my sketchbook needed some ninjas!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mail Man Process

One of the guys was asking about some of my process for painting. I figured it'd be worth sharing here as well! :)

Since the mail man piece was just for fun I didn't go though an elaborate design and planning process. I started with a sketch and put some quick quick value on it but then decided it was lame. It's sorta what i get for just going for it, but sometimes it's fun just to shoot from the hip :)

So I reposed him and drew up a new sketch. I gave him just enough shameless value to throw some color on him. I usually like to play with a mixture gradient map tools and straight up brush work, depending, just to plan out his color palette with a few ideas about his final value.

And from there its the render factory and adjusting as I go!

This is about as shameless as I get with my personal work at this level of finish. But this particular process gets me to near final ideas about what I want to do with color fast, and I dig that! Thanks for asking Polycount! Of course there's a million ways to do all of this, and I'm always experimenting. But I do tend to rely on some of this process more regularly.

Skeletons dig basket weave studies.

Couple new sketch pages to share! Yay sketchbook addictions!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Georgina Monster and Textures

Yay more sketchbook! This time it's the discovery of a monster aptly named Georgina by wanderers and some texture studies. I think I'll be posting more texture studies. They're something I've been meaning to do to help me work out of some long held habits.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fish Travelers and Chameleon Mounts

Hi the intertubes! A few more sketches to load up this evening.

Also some fun news! The guys at CGHUB gave me a spot on the editor's pick bar for a day or so! It was Garen's concept from League of Legends I did last year that got the pick. Totally a needed boost to the moral. Thanks guys!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Venues! Polycount and CGHUB

Hi! By way of announcement, if anyone is intrested: I'm now keeping similar updates over at Polycount and now have a CGHUB gallery for finished work. It should make it easier to find just a bunch of my finished work if that's what your looking for. Laters!

Doctor Pirate

Just some simple sketches for your face today the intertubes! I asked a little girl to name my pirate sketch. She told me his name was "Doctor Pirate." Freakin made my day! BEST NAME EVER!

There's also a little Mincraft Love here.

And Cyborg Bums of course :)