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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

League of Legends - Kha'zix

Heya the intertubes! A small break from the Darksiders content for a bit. Recently Riot released the first champion for League of Legends that I've had a part in, as such I can finally share some of my concept work for him! woo! Alot of artists had worked on previous iterations trying to figure out what the team wanted out of a praying mantis like assassin champ. My explorations were minimal since there was a clear idea about what the hoped to see out of a character like this. However he did change substantially mid development, which is not abnormal, due to tech restraints and origin story edits.

First Pass Final

Model Paintovers of unevolved state

Here's a shot of how he ended up looking in the game. Here's also a link to the release page for more info.


  1. Incredible work! I'm partial to the green palette you had in the original concept, but the purple is great, too!

  2. Thanks Ezra! Yeah the color changes came because of changes to the story of the character. I liked the green as well. It was part of his being associated with a particular faction in story of the game that drove a lot of the Purples and Blues into the design.

  3. Hey, It's Demi! It's good to see your work from Riot, a few of us in Tempe were wondering what you were up to! Hope to see to see you post even more! ;)

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