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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Darksiders 2 - Ghorn & Sycophants

Ghorn was a special treat! He was the only truly evil construct in the main game, who wasn't just controlled and covered in gooey corruption. His one restriction was that he needed to fit on the rig of an existing construct with a big spinning spike arm. But he also needed a face that could talk and deliver arms.
 These were some of the explorations done for him.

Here was my final concept.

And here was his final model put together by the team.

The Sycophants were meant to be fallen angels who had become beastly or more lizardy as a result.  Origonally we where headed in the direction of something closer to the actual angel look but later went more lizard than angel. These dudes were fun because I hoped they'd be the kind some kid would absolutly hate playing on some saturday morning because they were supposed to teleport behind death to attack!

Here were some of the explorations done, more on the actual angel side of things.

Here was my final concept after much iteration that lead to a more a gangly lizard beast look.

And here was the final model. I haven't seen these guys yet running around in the game yet! I haven't gotten that far yet, haha!

More to come!

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