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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twisted Treeline Spider - League of Legends

Heya everyone. The new twisted treeline came out today with a spider boss I worked on with the team here at Riot, so I figured I'd show you guys my part in it.

These were my rouph explorations before we knew what we wanted.

This was the final sketch after picking a solid visual direction

This was my final painting of the creature and it's production spread. 

Originally the spider's abdomen was going to trail off into and around the environmental as an endless stream of spider eggs and webbing. We had to scale back our expectations a bit after several iterations on the actual enviorment we'd see the giant spider in. The color pallet also changed after I was done because of more changes to the enviorment's theme and tone. In the end I  liked what ended up in the game, but I definatly felt like I needed to push the color pallet of the creature far more on my end even if it was going to radically change later. Mostly I was excited about the idea of making the webbing poisonous and luminescent and based a lot of my color pallet around that idea. 

Here's a shot from the Twisted Treeline Map that just went live today!

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