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Monday, June 18, 2018



  1. Aszolutely creative stuff, i still check your blog every week. Tell me, how do you get inspired and ideas what to draw. I want to be a concept artist as well, but i always struggling with myself. I am lost because when i see concept artist who has a lot of work in their portfolio, i imagine how can i do the same?. Big problem for me, because i do not know how can theese concept artist(like you as well) to be so creative and make a lot of drawing. I consider myself i am too slow. 1 picture/day(or 2 day) is very slow? I start an idea to draw and get bored after a few hours and i want to do something different. Have you ever had the same problem?

  2. Thanks Robert! sorry i don't always get notified when people comment. I understand the struggle. Every artist has alot of the same feelings often.
    The honest truth is that there will always be artists that have more work, skill, and experience than you. but that's okay! :D that means there's always tons people out there who's work can INSPIRE you and be your TEACHERS! Let their art work for you!

    I can also promise you that every single artist out there started out learning, kinda intimidated, and not doing tons of great work super fast. So don't think you suck because you don't have the skills of experts when your just starting out. Just focus on making rad stuff, improving a bit at a time, and above all having fun. You'll get faster by doing work. and being fast isn't as important as doing quality work.

    And in the end if you get bored and frustrated, then find something that stays fun to work on. maybe you just need the right style, or the right medium, or the right genre that peeks and keeps your interest! you'll figure it out! :D

    Keep at it man. We all feel the struggle. I super do still.