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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mouth Parts for Level 1 - Blubber Busters

Hey everyone! Here's an environment piece I've been working on for the Blubber Busters Project! It was a neat challenge and I think I've learned a ton! I'm also including some of the process images. The guys have showed of more models and even rad music from the talented Chris Christodoulou, who made mega rad music for the recently released Risk of Rain game. Have a look at all the progress on our Polycount thread.


  1. Awesome like always:) Im sure it was a very long work:) I also drew with pencil about 6-8 months ago and scan it, but is realized it is not the best. Ever since i just draw on a table digital way, ot is much better because if it faster and..... i don't want to say more:) Explore it:)