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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big O' Blue Whale, but in SPACE!

Wanted to share with you guys this big fat sad sad space whale I worked up for the Blubber Busters project! Really got a kick out of the idea that someone ordered him some orbiting space ships displaying holographic 'get well' messages, lol. I'd love to go back in and really embellish him because of this size. Maybe there'll be time for it later! Enjoy!


  1. Hi Avery! awesome coloring:) Did You find a full time job? I wanted to ask:) Have you ever thought about to make a video when you draw and paint?

  2. Heya Robert! Thanks man! We'll I'm still looking as far as work goes, few really fun leads right now but still on the market! And yah I've thought about doing some live or video stuff. I just can't imagine me painting forever could be interesting, lol.

    1. "I just can't imagine me painting forever could be interesting, lol."

      It *would*. Consider this one more vote from someone who'd dig seeing a 'making off' vid.

  3. Are you crazy?:D dont you wanna paint forever?:D You are very talented!!! how can you think about it?:) If I could paint like you, I would paint until the end of my life:) You are one of the most talented concept artist in the world! I know works of feng Zhu, Joe Madureira, Raul Richards,...... but you can paint and coloring the best! I learned a lot from your works!:) so don't you think about stupid things:)

  4. what software do you use for all of your concept arts?

  5. Robert man! don't worry bro! Never gonna stop paintin! And Juston, I'm currently all about Photoshop. I rely on the degree of control that it gives over my color to help me iterate quickly with a team of developers. However I still do all of my line work with good old fashioned pencil and paper! YAH!

  6. Thanks. I'm a hobbyist trying to get into digital art. Do you typically scan pencil and paper into photoshop and then paint it? I recently learned how to do that but I want to work on solid coloring for my sketches, so I want to make sure I'm being relatively efficient. I just want good looking finished products. Thanks again.