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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hologram faced Robo-Body EMT!

Just had to paint up this guy. Totally laughing at my stupid story for him from the last post, lol.


  1. Hi! Your works are awesome! How long does it take to paint and draw a picture?
    For example this:
    Very detailed and unbelievable cool this concept!! I think it was a long time to make this concept.

  2. Thanks Robert! Mmm. Well creating concepts like the one you've listed are for production on a video game and a result of LOTS of people's ideas and an amount of itteration. Sometimes to get what the team wants it can take weeks, or just a couple hours before we feel like we can move on to a design we can paint the heck out of and hand off to a 3d modeler.

    BUT! If you question is just how long to does it take to just make the one image itself, then that's an easy answer. Currently the sketches can take anything from a couple minutes to 30 depending on how awake i am, lol. The actual paintings for darksiders 2 took usually about a couple days for me, but i'm working to make that time better :)

  3. Hello Avery! Thanks for the long answer:) It was very useful:) the reason why I asked that, because i am also working by a small game developer company in Hungary like a 2D and 3D graphic artist, and I feel often when I'm working on a picture, I am wery slow. If you have time, and interested I would like to show some pictures of me. I'm curious what is your opinion about my works, because you have more experinece and knowledge in this business. If you could give me some advice I would say a big thank for you!:) I have a question to you:) Did you ever think about to make a video about you draw and paint a concept? I am curious your thecnique what you use:) and brushes. Do You use just lasso on photoshop or use lasso and brushes? I don't want to waste your time:) here is some work of me, and if you have time please say something to me about them:) Thanks for ewerything:) Ohh, the crab monster concept was about 7-10 hours for me, i don't know exactly:)