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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mail Man Process

One of the guys was asking about some of my process for painting. I figured it'd be worth sharing here as well! :)

Since the mail man piece was just for fun I didn't go though an elaborate design and planning process. I started with a sketch and put some quick quick value on it but then decided it was lame. It's sorta what i get for just going for it, but sometimes it's fun just to shoot from the hip :)

So I reposed him and drew up a new sketch. I gave him just enough shameless value to throw some color on him. I usually like to play with a mixture gradient map tools and straight up brush work, depending, just to plan out his color palette with a few ideas about his final value.

And from there its the render factory and adjusting as I go!

This is about as shameless as I get with my personal work at this level of finish. But this particular process gets me to near final ideas about what I want to do with color fast, and I dig that! Thanks for asking Polycount! Of course there's a million ways to do all of this, and I'm always experimenting. But I do tend to rely on some of this process more regularly.

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  1. Your work is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your process :)