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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Darksiders 2 Concept Art - The Super DUMP

Okay the intertubes! I need to get this stuff out there so i'm going to just do a massive Darksiders 2 art dump here. I still have more to show, and I'll be happy to do more breaking down and process later. But for now, here's a ton of final concept stuff! :)


  1. Great work Avery, you stuff just oozes Awesomeness! I cant wait to see more and some break downs.

  2. Thanks Shaun! The rest of it is on the way. I really do want to break some of these down, I really liked alot of the explorations that got us to some of these finals. Can't wait to show!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Too much awesomeness all in one make me dizzy! I'm learning a lot from these images, thanks again!